How to look both fierce and fashion wise in any outdoor adventure with footwear and bags

When you're outdoors, your body is more likely to be exposed to the harsh natural environment. Therefore, the best choice of gear should protect you from the sun, rain, thorns and other elements that can cause injury or discomfort. A pair of women's hiking shoes is the ideal shoe for all your outdoor activities, as they are designed to handle tough climbs, scree and bad weather. We say "women's" specifically because you should buy these items in the women's section. There, you'll find feminine shapes and unique designs that fit your aesthetic.

Depending on the type of adventure you're on, you may need a small bag of supplies, or you may need three to four days of survival gear for a backpacking or car camping weekend. Here are two essentials to make sure you keep with you.

Wherever your adventure takes you, you'll need a stylish tote bag to carry your essentials. These adventure backpacks are unisex and low-profile enough to go from the mountains to the desert and still look stylish enough to make it to the brewery on the way home.

Whether you like to hike in the rainforest or enjoy running, every active woman needs a nice pair of leggings. These leggings are made from plastic water bottles and many color varieties mimic the natural colors you see in the outdoors. Colors like rust, olive, plum and charcoal are perfect for pairing with other sportswear or even casual wear.

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