Still waiting for final permit, Maine's Kingfish gets first shipment of yellowtail

The company hoping to build a large fish farm in Jonesport recently received its first shipment of yellowtail kingfish from the Netherlands, in an effort to boost production in anticipation of a final permit. "When you're planning a large facility, it's critical to get the fish ready ahead of time," said Megan Sorby, operations manager ... Read more

Georgia Department of Natural Resources rules allow fishing without a license for 2 days in June

Don't have a fishing license but want to throw a hook in the water? One day there will be a way. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources allows people to fish without a license on June 4 and 11. The DNR recently announced that Georgians don't need a trout license or wildlife management area pass ... Read more

Fishing Line:Weather change could affect activity over the weekend as lake warms

A brief period of cooler weather is expected over the weekend, which could slow fishing activity slightly, though the bite is generally favorable in the Black Hills area, with some white-eye activity reported in prairie lakes and continued activity for trout and other species. Lake temperatures are warming, a situation that has increased better bites, ... Read more

Florida fish are taking drugs, and scientists say it could be a very bad sign of things to come

South Florida's fish are taking drugs, and while that may make people laugh, it's really not a funny thing. In fact, it's rather worrisome. Because, according to reports, a new study from the Sunshine State found "dozens of drugs" in the blood and tissues of fish in South Florida waters. The drugs reportedly included Valium, ... Read more