Georgia Department of Natural Resources rules allow fishing without a license for 2 days in June

Don't have a fishing license but want to throw a hook in the water? One day there will be a way.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources allows people to fish without a license on June 4 and 11.

The DNR recently announced that Georgians don't need a trout license or wildlife management area pass to fish on those days either.

The free fishing days are part of the National Fishing and Boating Week program, which encourages people to take advantage of fishing traditions.

The state has participated in the program for at least the past 20 years, according to Melissa Cumming, communications and outreach specialist for Abandoned Salvage.

"If you have friends or family who have been talking about it or you want them to go out to …… it's an opportunity to get around the permit," she said.

Sometimes just catching a fish "can often start a fire," Carmine said.
It's a good way to get them started fishing, especially if they don't know how to fish," she said.

The state is also trying to encourage kids to fish on those days, and several activities are listed on the "Give Up Salvage" website.

The DNR says there are plenty of places in Georgia to take advantage of the day, from North Georgia's trout streams, to large reservoirs and rivers that run through the state. Most state parks have fishing opportunities.

"I don't know many people who would say 'no' when asked to go boating and fishing because they are both great activities and can even provide great bond proceeds," Scott Robinson, head of the DNR's Wildlife Resources Division, said in a statement.

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