13 At-Home Cross-Training Exercises for Runners

Running can be an amazing way to support your mind, body, overall health, and even community. But like any other exercise, running comes with a cost. Like other aerobic exercises, it is catabolic, which means it requires more oxygen and destroys your muscles. Over time, a lot of catabolic exercise reduces muscle mass, lowers your ... Read more

If you want to run better, don't ignore strength training, says one fitness trainer

Even if you prefer cardio, not going to the gym may be a bad idea, says one fitness trainer. Many runners mistakenly avoid strength training because they mistakenly believe it will distract or even hinder their performance, says Chris Travis, owner and coach of Seattle's Strength and Performance Club. "They're told that strength training is ... Read more

Outdoor dining in Bellevue initially launched at the start of the pandemic, returns for a third summer

While COVID-19 restrictions have been reduced, outdoor dining in Bellevue has not. As with other cities in the Seattle area, outdoor dining was introduced in the Old Bellevue area to help keep restaurants open during the COVID-19 indoor dining restrictions. Since then, Bellevue's al fresco dining venues have become popular, especially as a venue for ... Read more