Fishing Line:Weather change could affect activity over the weekend as lake warms

A brief period of cooler weather is expected over the weekend, which could slow fishing activity slightly, though the bite is generally favorable in the Black Hills area, with some white-eye activity reported in prairie lakes and continued activity for trout and other species. Lake temperatures are warming, a situation that has increased better bites, ... Read more

Florida fish are taking drugs, and scientists say it could be a very bad sign of things to come

South Florida's fish are taking drugs, and while that may make people laugh, it's really not a funny thing. In fact, it's rather worrisome. Because, according to reports, a new study from the Sunshine State found "dozens of drugs" in the blood and tissues of fish in South Florida waters. The drugs reportedly included Valium, ... Read more

The most breathable running mask

Months and months of quarantine, we've probably all experienced different versions of the following scenario: you're trying to stay active, socially-distanced walking or jogging outside, only to notice, at no time, that your masked open-mouth breathing is starting to dive into Darth Vader territory. If your facial covering doesn't allow you to breathe properly, then ... Read more

Get out there:Here's where to hike in Livingston County this summer

With summer just around the corner and the thermometer outside reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it's time to get outdoors and get active. "Nature heals. It's a great time to get yourself away from the screen," says Patti Luther, director of community impact at the Howell Nature Center." Many people work remotely at their computers all ... Read more