Six Trends in Outdoor Spaces for Homeowners to Do This Summer

Outdoor living has come a long way since blankets were laid out for family picnics. Advances in exterior features have made outdoor relaxation as much a part of everyday life as spending time in the kitchen or living room, which means you have more options than ever before to bring indoor comfort outdoors.

Most importantly, we're staying home a lot these days. Inspiring to brighten up our backyards. But even as people get back to feeling normal, interest in outdoor living hasn't slowed down this year. Here are the top six trends homeowners need to do in 2022, the pros say.

  1. work in the (expanded) home
    As we recover from the shock of meeting in a "Brady Bunch" (Brady Bunch) style Zoom box, work-at-home folks are carving out unique spaces for themselves, including a plethora of workstations converted from decks. Outdoor gazebos with shade structures create ideal havens for working outdoors. (You might want to get a Wi-Fi extender.)
  2. Take the indoors out
    An outdoor office is just the beginning. With the right design, you can replicate indoor amenities in an open-air setting. For example, retaining walls, fire pits and seating create permanent outdoor entertaining areas. With enough overhead protection, you can build an outdoor kitchen that rivals anything indoors. Professionals say hardscapes and outdoor living areas are here to stay.
  3. Building innovative infrastructure
    If you've ever watched a child play with blocks, you know they can create countless combinations from a few basic pieces. The same applies to building homes outdoors with bricks and pavers - only imagination and budget limit the options. Homeowners are investing in retaining walls, steps and structures to improve their lawns, and professionals say they're seeing more and more creative designs emerge.
  4. After the winding path
    If you have a lot of activity in your yard, but not a lot of built-in pathways, pedestrians will create them for you - and they won't be pretty. You can add some structure to your yard (and remove the unsightly trampled lawn), guide people through the space by building walkways, and define connections around the yard.
  1. Install trouble-free water features
    Nothing instills a sense of luxury and outdoor tranquility like a sparkling fountain. However, a koi pond or extensive water feature adds cost and duration. Instead, professionals recommend low-intensity water features that don't require much work after installation.
    Ask for a system without a pond, which filters the water and holds it in the ground so there is no standing water.
  2. Wiring the yard
    Who says electricity, heating and gas are only available indoors? By bringing the interior benefits of a home outside, you can increase your comfort and use your space later in the evening and in colder weather. Heaters and extra outdoor lighting can extend your social time into the evening, and a TV topper installed in the safety of your outdoor space can help with entertainment.

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