summer wedding guest dresses to get you through the season in style

Top trends for summer wedding guests in 2022.
Paper cuts. Show some skin in! Cutout dresses with cutouts at the waist, neckline and back are a hot trend this season. As an added bonus, they offer extra breathability to help prevent you from overheating on the dance floor. Just be sure not to show too much skin (รก la Kendall Jenner). It's a wedding, not a bachelorette party.

Go bold with your colors. Save your demure pastels and soft florals for another year and opt for brighter options like bright pink, sunshine yellow or Kelly green. If you're worried about your favorite shade being too dramatic, choose a shorter style and keep accessories to a minimum. A word of warning, however: non-white wedding dresses are traditional in some parts of the world (many Indian brides wear red on their big day, for example), so be sure to do some research ahead of time to avoid accidentally offending anyone.

Halter dresses. The simple 90s style will have another big moment in 2022. This time, longer lengths are more popular than shorter hemlines, making them more suitable for a variety of dress codes. In fact, if you're looking for a one-piece dress that can be worn with anything, then a stylish halter dress might be your absolute best bet. Just change your accessories to fit the theme and you're ready to go!

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